1. Theme based Plays:  We have ready-made themes on which plays are scripted,directed and presented to schools and college

2. Intervention based plays: We spend time in the school or college and then design a play based on our findings in the school, the analysis is presented to the management. Post the approval of management the plays are rehearsed and presented to students. 

These plays can be scripted, devised, playback theatre, or Forum Theatre.

Some of the themes we have worked in the past include peer pressure, bullying, substance abuse 

Organizational Theatre

A a full time theatre company with full time Actors, Directors, and Trainers. At Organizational Theatre we are always working on a play, sometime more then 3 at the same time.  The actors are at times part of the theatre interventional performances in various organizations. These actors also lend themselves in various setting as the situations demands from an entertaining environment to a therapeutic setting.

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The message was very clear. The impact of something live as this is far better, it’s the best way of putting across messages….” says Principal of 
Shishugraha School

Our most successful play for children with 45 shows across Bangalore Supported by Amnesty International, it takes the audience through an audio visual poetic journey. This adaptation of William Shakespeare`s story takes place in Bangalore, and looks deeper into the lives of three children. Their stories revolve around aspirations and dreams and complex situations. The play moves in and out of Hamlet and real life stories in an interactive format.

Nuisance of Hamlet:

The play is paused at crucial points and the audience is invited to reflect on possible solutions and suggestions on how these real life situations could have been handled.

The 3 stories are about bullying, being sensitive to others dreams and how cheating can lead to complications in life. 

Our show based offering for schools and colleges

“…The play is very relevant and the bullying
part made a lot of sense as I could see that
children came alive particularly at that point in
time and I can well imagine they may have
been victims of bullying among the children as
well as those who have bulled . I am quite sure
they would have introspected and reflected on
how to handle the other person.