Beginning with theatre workshops, this ongoing program designed to work on a theatre play with props costumes, set design. The sessions are designed in a simple step by step manner ensuring the students reach the ability to perform a full fledged play with a trainer who would also direct the play. .

Campus to Corporate

This program includes all that is required for students from campus to transition into the corporate world with ease, through theatre objective of this program is to help students improve their Interpersonal skills and Social skills along with their ability to express and articulate thoughts effectively and being ready for the corporate world.

Theatre Productions
Management Through Theatre
Our work for the Faculyt is divided into two levels of work & different phases.
1. Theatre for Experience: for Teachers to understand and experience theatre
2. Theater for Intervention: Using theatre tools to help teachers work on specific challenges such as Delivery Skills, Content Development skills, Interpersonal skills, Creativity & Innovation, Team work to name a few

The purpose is to help students improve their Managerial and Leadership skills. These sessions are designed where learning is derived through activities and games. Apart from learning the mangement skills through theatre the outcome of such a program would also be that the students would be asked to present the learnings through enactment.

for Colleges and Other Educational Institutions

Faculty Development